Was someone missing from your holiday?

Holiday Claim

Ruined-holiday-claim.eu can get you compensation if your package holiday was ruined due to illness caused by inadequate food hygiene or injury due to poorly maintained premises. How do we do this – under UK law your tour operator is liable even though your injury was caused in another country.

All you need to do is call us on (0800) 1712215 or e-mail details to gary@ruined-holiday-claim.eu and we will carry out a no obligation free case assessment and  advise whether and how much compensation you are entitled to. If following the free case assessment you decide you do not want to pursue the matter then no bother – you are under no obligation & we do not use high pressure sales techniques. On the other hand if you decide you want to make a claim we can act on a “No Win,No Fee” basis meaning that if you lose it wont cost you a penny.

You are entitled to compensation not just for the loss of enjoyment of your  holiday (which alone may have cost thousands) but also your illness or other personal injuries, loss of earnings, medical expenses, cost of care, extra accommodation costs and additional flights home. These expenses quickly mount up.

If you went on a family holiday or with a large group (e.g wedding or anniversary abroad) and there was widespread food poisoning in the group they may also have valuable claims. No problem – we can get compensation for everyone affected. If it ruined a special occasion such as a wedding is the claim is worth even more.

In fact the larger the group bringing the claim the easier it is to prove it was the hotel that caused the illness.

We are experts in winning holiday claims and securing compensation for ruined holidays.

What type of losses can I seek as compensation in a holiday claim?
You can claim:
Loss of enjoyment of the holiday
Extra hotel or travelling expenses
Medication and medical treatment
Cost of care
Loss of earnings
Damages for illness – see how much damages for an illness  on holiday?